Mapping out the Customer Journey against a Coordination Map allows you to build intervention into your strategy, and keep the customer at the heart of your service delivery. The Journey Map takes into account all stages of the Coordination flow, mapping in customer emotion, trust in the provider, customer feelings, customer thoughts. Use this to construct a picture of a good, and of a bad experience; build scenarios such that you ‘walk in the customer’s shoes’.

When you map the customer journey, you privilege the customer in your thinking. If retaining a customer on your books is important to you, map out the customer journey.

Here’s an example where  utility users were added to the customer base of a utility provider.

Customer Journey 2

Customer Experience - Map the Journey

The Background

Utility providers can often find that customers are using the services provided without ever being billed. This is particularly the case in the relatively recently deregulated UK water market, where customer understanding of their obligations may not be keeping apace with regulatory requirements. A utility  provider found itself being notified that consumers where using services without being registered (and therefore billed). Initial conversations between customer and provider usually triggered a bill, resulting in frustration, lack of trust, and ultimately customer switch.

This is a common occurrence. The main variation is that customers are often not contacted - they just receive a bill!

What We Did.

The starting point was an comprehensive Coordination Map describing the interaction between the provider and customer (for example read here). Onto this we mapped customer experience from a number of perspectives, painting a comprehensive picture of how the customer perceived the engagement. Several different scenarios and experiences were mapped, so that key reactive points could be identified and predicted.

The Outcomes.

The nature of the engagement became more predictable, and the opportunity to intervene was designed in to new process flows. Every attempt was made to influence positive customer experience.



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