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Brendan Grimley


I initially established Project Forensics in 2004, to look  into the reasons why change projects failed to deliver. It became very apparent that breakdowns in coordination played a significant part in failing to deliver, so I devoted my time to understanding deeply how coordination works in projects, in processes, and in operations.

This builds upon years of working as a software engineer for the Ministry of Defence and United States Dept of Defense, followed by gaining management experience directing a small bespoke software design organisation capitalising on spin-off research in Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK. This experience has built up expertise in how processes, people and technology coordinate to deliver excellent service to customers.

Brendan is a problem-solving consultant in management specialising in customer experience, with over 30 years’ experience in demanding environments and sectors, including Utilities, Finance and the Public Sector. His specialist knowledge is operational coordination, particularly where organisational practices result in deteriorating customer service, process backlogs, inefficiencies, and operational risk.

Using deep insight to quickly piece together coordination maps and collateral flows in end-to-end processing, backed up with data modelling and grounding, he has been able to identify root-cause points of failure in organisations endeavouring to deliver outstanding customer service. His experience working in challenging delivery roles focussing on benefits brings capability to construct and implement remedial and future looking change programmes.

Increasingly machine intelligence comprises part of the toolbox Brendan uses to understand operational processes and customer engagement, identifying obscure patterns that reveal opportunities for improvement.

Brendan is a member of the Chartered Management Institute, and member of the Association for Project Management, speaks intermediate level French, Danish, and currently studies Italian, Japanese and playing pipe organ.

M +44 (0) 776 865 1525