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Process Coordination Specialists


Fo-ren’sik - the application of specialist knowledge to the elucidation of doubtful questions.

Our goal

To help you grow your customer base through outstanding service.

Our methods

We work with you, your staff and your data, to help you understand and resolve process coordination issues impacting magnificent customer serviceWe offer evidence-based depiction and design of your operations: the as-is and to-be states

  • Coordination and flow maps
  • Customer Journey maps
  • Root-Cause analysis
  • Backlog analysis
  • Scheduling and resourcing modelling
  • Skills and competencies matrices
  • Voice of the customer
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Neural network modelling.

Our Services

Committing to customers

Why continue using the same techniques that caused the problem to try and resolve things, expecting the outcome to be different?

Avoid Backlogs: Assuming that more of resource X  will clear a volume of Y issues doesn’t always work. Demand and Resolution in a service environment is not linear.

Uncertainty and variability need to be taken into consideration for the right results.


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Understanding Flow: It pays to deconstruct the As-Is processes to see what is being privileged, and what subordinated.

Seeing the flow mapped out reveals blockages and highlights poor coordination.

Privileging the Customer: It’s interesting to see an organisation promote a ‘Customer First’ ethos, then spend massive governance effort measuring and rewarding internal metrics, as if demonstrating adherence to measures will keep customers satisfied.

But subordinating the customer and privileging operations doesn’t always result in customer satisfaction.

Knowing the customer journey can genuinely privilege the customer.


Look at Data Differently: The same ‘logical’ thinking repeatedly applied just circulates the same ideas and perspectives.


 Try different approaches to explore patterns in your data to bring a new perspective.